Marketing Tips for DJs and Social Media

Whether you’re a DJ that is new or you have really been in the scene for some time, odds are great that you just do not have media supervisor or a personal assistant to manage your advertising needs. Sadly this can be an essential part of DJing in this new era of the electronic DJ. Feel the need to be out there all the time? or at the very You clearly cannot be…so you have to be clever.

As well as really being a professional DJ, you most likely act as your supervisor, producer, publicist and agent. Now you can add to the list media supervisor – until you are able to have a team of men and women worry about this for you personally. While the job falls to you personally, use these ideas that will help you in your DJ promotion…without it taking up your whole day.

Begin Slow
The first thing to keep in mind about DJ advertising is that you simply do not have to be from the start on every single social media platform. For one thing, you never know which stage will be around tomorrow– anyone, MySpace?–I had a friend who wishes this was around when he was DJing — and you do not need to spend more time than required setting them all up.

My advice would be to focus on the ones that are significant. That’s Facebook Twitter and Soundcloud today. All these will be those that you’ll need to build upon, where your fan base will grow and reach out to other DJs and producers. An hour a day or less and it is possible to manage these without choosing as a DJ out of your work.

Prevent The ‘Overshare’
Among the things you will find about social media is because there are those who overshare about everything just two kinds of individuals and those that do not share enough. For all those folks who want social media for our careers, we must locate a happy medium that keeps individuals employed without pissing away them.

It’s going to be tough to understand up front, meaning you may need to spend time to find out what works and what does not. The good thing is these platforms are put in place to monitor what works and what does not so you can see which ones are essentially going blown off and what places are getting the most participation. It is good to post pictures of you with other DJs and producers that can reel individuals in…it’s completely uncool to take up a beef with a different DJ, a lover or anyone else merely to get focus.

Do not do it. Trust me, whatever bumps in popularity you get will be short-lived and will not do anything to keep the followers you will lose.

DJ promoting abilities DJ Promotion Strategies for Social Media

Uniformity Is The Name Of The Game
When it involves DJ promotion in the danger of sounding like a busted record, uniformity is crucial. Societal media rewards consistency, as does the web generally. Exactly what does this mean for you personally? This means to ensure everyone who’s searching for it is possible to locate you that whenever possible you need to make sure you are using the exact same DJ name. A tiny misspelling can allow it to be almost impossible to locate you, particularly in case your DJ name is misspelled.

Be creative, in the event you find it difficult to get your first possible name choice, get something as close as you possibly can, and tweak it. For example, if DJRickGallaghan is not accessible you could try a slight variation of this or any other version that may not please the eye but is not too dissimilar to be someone else.

Be An Active Participant
If you are the kind of DJ who anticipates supervisors, representatives and producers in the future for you during network occasions, this can be likely why you are having trouble advertising yourself on-line. You have to be an active participant with both artists and enthusiasts. Reach out to individuals, even though it is only to remark on a fresh track, an upcoming job or reacting to buff.

Folks are not going to simply flock to you because you are a DJ, you’ve to make them see how wonderful you’re. Make sure to remark on videos, pictures and arbitrary places and not only marketing yourself. I understand, it appears counterproductive if you are always marketing yourself, but you’ll seriously turn folks away. Scatter components that are promotional in there but focus on the active component social media that is being.

Sync It
For those who are dropping a fresh track, hung out with a few superb well-known or are in possession of a large DJ gig coming up, make sure you encourage everything on the exact same day across all media platforms that are social. This can be an excellent strategy to create buzz when you have a need for it. And when you have worked with other artists a label or a pleasant @ reference will enlarge your reach so more people would view your news.

DJ promotion does not have to be time-consuming or hard, it only has to be done intelligently. Do not believe it; you are a DJ not a media supervisor so spend time marketing yourself while focusing mainly on what you need to market in the first place…your DJ skills.