Great Newbie DJ Controllers

These days, with modern digital technology, limited funds and decreased hours from the Great Recession and mass communication allowing people around the world to learn nearly anything if they put their minds to it, many people are taking up new art forms in pursuit of anything from bettering themselves to trying to find second careers that are less aggravating than the ones they’re in now. Some art forms are easy enough to get into, such as drawing and singing, while others are more involved and expensive, such as metal sculpture and brass instruments. With the rise of digital music, one particular art form that’s grown in popularity is DJing. Once used solely to refer to radio hosts, most modern DJs must also be musicians in their own right, taking or even creating music and remixing it into something different and hopefully aesthetically pleasing to the ear.
To get into DJing, almost all would be DJs must first acquire a DJ controller. This is a digital music device that hooks up to computers intended to resemble a traditional DJ set up, so the user can scratch, manipulate sound effects, mix sounds together and shift through their music library on their computer as quickly as possible. Some have more functions than others; many models are all in one devices while others are more like the centers of networks of DJ equipment, such as mixers, FX control devices and scratching platters. It can seem a bit overwhelming to beginners. Fortunately, there are DJ controllers for newbies out on the market.
Newbies to the world of DJing are advised to get an all in one controller until they have a better idea of how the art form works. They will also need specialized software though most beginning DJ controllers will work with most popular DJing programs (though more specialized programs will sometimes require more specialized equipment). Budgetary concerns may also be a factor during the Great Recession though most starter controllers are relatively affordable, if not exactly cheap.
A few possible starting points for newbie DJs is the Numark Mixtrack II, particularly the model with trigger pads. This DJ controller has essentially all the necessary functions and features of an all in one DJ controller from one of the most reputable brands in the business. The device also comes the Virtual DJ LE software program, and while it does have a learning curve, even the starter version of the program is a good place for new DJs to begin. Another popular starting point for new DJs is the Hercules DJ Control Instinct controller, another popular brand that is much like the Numark Mixtrack II but a bit cheap and lacking performance pads. It includes a software program as well, DJUCED, which is not as widespread, but if you can’t afford the top of the line equipment, it will suffice. Other popular models for beginners are the Behringer CMD Studio 4A, the Pioneer DDJ-SB and Native Instruments Traktor Control S2 MK2. With each of these models having their own ups and downs, it behooves would be DJs to do some research.